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FAQs  - Garden Owners 
         -  At SIGN-UP : What the Trail Does FOR You 

Q:  What does Organic Garden Trail (OGT) do for me when I sign up?


A: The OGT Co-ordinators do the following -

Before you Sign Up:

 - meet prospective garden members to present you with and
   explain the OGT umbrella concept, the OGT outcomes, the OGT
   structure and the OGT member guidelines.
-  answer your queries and provide you, with the information you
   need to make an informed decision about whether you believe
   the OGT will suit you and your organic garden – or not.


After you Sign Up:

-  provide you with a “Start-up Kit” which includes a choice of OGT
   signage size and number to suit your garden/enterprise needs,
   a proportion of leaflet costs and an optional visitors book. 
-  discuss/negotiate your wording and finalise text/design for your
   new sub-region's OGT leaflets.

-  co-ordinate production/delivery/pick-up of those leaflets, 
   allocate proportional costs and arrange individual invoicing.
-  assist you to develop your own distinctive self-paced tour signage
   so visitors to your garden can understand “what you grow, how
   you grow it and why you grow it”.  [We want visitors who already
   know about organic gardening to have their knowledge reinforced
   and those who don’t know about organic gardening to learn and
   take something valuable away with them from each experience.]

-  engage the local Tourist Association and other surrounding Tourist
   Associations of the extension of the OGT.

-  where appropriate, invite those Tourist Associations to your
   sub-regions' Official Launch. 
-  assist you to develop your “personal story” and “organic garden
   story” ready for the publicity document to be used for the Official
   Launch in your new sub-region.
-  collect your garden photos and prepare them for a photo-loop
   to be played at the Official Launch.
-  upgrade the OGT website to include your new sub-region and list
   under it, each new member garden.
-  provide you with your own page on the website with your
   “personal story”, your “organic garden story” and your photos.
-  coordinate your sub-region's Official Launch including negotiate
   with you about location, food/refreshments and engage an
   appropriate dignitary to officiate at your Official Launch.

NOTE:  the above are not necessarily in timeline order as many of 
             these functions happen concurrently.

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