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Other FAQs

Q:  As a member does the OGT tell me what to grow? 

A:  It is your choice to grow what you want.  This is good for all members
     because it adds to the garden diversity within the OGT, diversity in size
     type and style.  Although there are organic garden similarities, it is the

     very different stories that each garden/enterprise brings to the OGT

     experience that attract visitors/tourists.



Q:  As a private organic garden owner can I be a member?  


A:   Absolutely.  Private gardens provide yet another layer to the very

      different types of our organic gardens.



Q: Does it matter that my Garden is not part of my main business?


A: It doesn’t matter what your main business is, for the OGT it’s all about
    your organic garden.  If 
you have a quality organic garden the OGT
    wants you as a member!



Q:  Does my garden have to open every day of the year? 

A:  The choice is yours.  Although most gardens are open all year round,

      not all are open every day of the week. 


     Some gardens open every day of the year because they are attached

     to an enterprise which is already open – for example an olive farm, a

     winery or farm stay accommodation.  Others whose garden is not part

     of any other enterprise, or is a private garden, may choose to open

     only a couple of days a week or only on weekends. 





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