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FAQs  - Garden Owners 
         -   Organic Trail Guidelines 

Other FAQs

Q:  Why have OGT Member Guidelines


A: They are designed to benefit you and all of our OGT members.
simple strategies assure every OGT member that all the
    other members 
share their passion for organic gardening and
    for maintaining the OGT 'umbrella brand' and 
reputation as a
valued local entity and as a tourist attraction.



Q: What are the OGT Guidelines


A: 1) Your garden must be organic 
        it does no
t need to be 'Certified Organic'.

    2) Garden inspection prior to joining 
        so all members can be 
assured that the quality of our OGT
        gardens is preserved.


    3 )Your own street identifier 
        your business name and/or street 
umber should be very
        visible to visitors from the road.


    4) Display OGT signage 
        purchase/display to enable OGT visitors can 
easily identify
        you as an OGT garden.


    5) Provide free self-paced-tours 
        where possible, each garden is to provide a free 
        tour.  You decide.  Your garden could also be 
        by a ‘paid guided tour’ – your choice of guided tour 
        and cost to your visitor(s).


    6) Provide self-paced-tour signage 
        where necessary, internal signs and/or map to 
visitor self-paced-tour and garden experience.

    7) Garden quality 
        your garden to be tended regularly to ensure 
quality is

        presented to your visitors – for example lawns mown,
trimmed and beds weeded.  Your garden is the
        tourist's focus!


    8) Garden consistency 
        your garden to be consistently 
maintained.  That is: as
        far as is possible, rotational planting with seasonal plants. 

    9) Garden Access 
        adhere to 
your advertised open times - where possible,

        as your visitors will have made their plans around your
        advertised hours.  For example - If an emergency arises, put
        up a sign about closure and contact directly any visitors who
        have made a guided tour booking.


   10) Visitor safety 
         ensure both accessibility and safety for those using 
         garden, including having a current insurance policy which
include “Public Liability”.

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