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Q:  Do I have to have be Certified Organic to be a member?

A:  Although we do insist that all of our OGT member gardens be
     organic, the gardens do not need to be 'Certified Organic'.



Q:  What’s in it for me?
A:  If you have a separate enterprise – for example an olive farm, a

     winery or farm stay accommodation – the trail is just a different way

     to get more people to you.  It has the potential to increase the sale

     of your other products/services – either directly or indirectly.

    If you are a private gardener - the OGT is just a different way to

     show off your hard work.  To cover your garden wear-and-tear

     and replanting you may want to consider putting a ‘donation box’

     within your garden.



Q:  Do I have to pass an inspection? 

A:  The OGT provides a sit down process to go through all the different

     facets to see if joining is a best fit for you.  Each garden is an

     advert for all the others on the Trail, one that visitors or tourists will

     readily recommend to friends, or prompt them to visit other gardens

     or revisit yours.  (If you or your garden are not ready, join at a later

     date.  Not all gardens join at the same time).



Q:  What area does OGT cover?   


A:  The OGT focus is in the “Margaret River Region” of Western Australia. 



Q:  When can my garden be part of the OGT? 

A:  Depends on your and your garden readiness and whether other

     gardens around you are about to join us.  It is best to launch a group

     of gardens within the same geographical area, or sub-region, as     

     visitors are more likely to visit two or three gardens within easy

     distance of each other as they see it as  more ‘worth their while’. 


     Please contact us as there may be a garden near you also wanting

     to join us that you are unaware of!!


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