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         -   Members: What the Trail Does For You 

Other FAQs

Q:  What does OGT do ongoing for me as a member?


A:   Foster our Tourist Attraction:

      - the OGT concept fits with tourism marketing locally, interstate and

         internationally - it fits with Eco-tourism, Nature and  Environment

         Tourism and occasionally has links to Food-Tourism.

      - essentially, the OGT is a different way to get more people to you.
     - have each of your gardens showcased to local, interstate and
       international visitors. 



      Develop and Maintain our Single Concept Website:

      – provide you with the benefits of a single website which travel

         agents, tour operators and tourist associations can access

         quickly and efficiently.

      - assist visitors with their travel options by grouping geographically

         co-located gardens e.g. “Margaret River Region” or  "Blackwood
         River Valley Region".

       - provide a google map showing each garden location. 

       - present visitors with an entire page about your garden, containing

          your stories and your garden photo gallery.

       - supply visitors with sub-regional Leaflets and Trail Planners

          printable direct from the website.

       - offer FAQs for garden members and prospective visitors.


        Provide Momentum to A Wider Marketing Reach:
       - as organic gardening is growing in interest world-wide, your
         garden can be a part of an attractive concept which is currently
         very popular.
       - a trail concept which has wider marketing reach than a single
         garden alone.

        Market our Brand:
        - distinct OGT branding with a recognisable and consistent logo,

          leaflet design and OGT signage which allows individuals, travel

          agents and tourist associations to better match visitor itineraries.

        - re-using long established sub-regional names and giving each the

          same branded leaflet with its own distinct colour.  This enables

          Tourist Associations to display a range of OGT leaflets as part of

          a single concept display (even out-of-area).



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