Our Enterprise

When Felicity Haynes retired from teaching philosophy of education at university, she sought an idealistically relaxing lifestyle on her 118 acre farm.  In the last ten years she has created a spiritual retreat which is self-sustainable and shows reverence for the land.  She now has some off-grid electricity, her own water, and more fruit, vegetables, honey and fresh eggs than she can eat!  There is also a magnificent meetinghouse and studio for accommodation, workshops, and weekend retreats, with small dwellings housing a community of itinerant workers.   The whole farm functions bio-dynamically in the spirit of Gaia our Earth Mother.

Our Garden
Our Garden Gallery

There is a large netted orchard of over 40 fruit trees, reticulated by a solar pump from a groundwater soak running off the neighbouring state forest, and a driveway lined with citrus and fig trees.   There is a recently constructed food forest, with truffle-impregnated oaks and avocadoes lining the road up to the meetinghouse.  The meetinghouse itself, looks out upon a 35metre diameter lavender labyrinth.   There are 50 acres of natural bush, so there is some predation from resident kangaroos and rabbits, but mostly there is wonderful bird life, fungi, and bushwalking.

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