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Margaret River Organic Garden

Our Enterprise

The Organic Garden was started in 1988, by the Margaret River Alternative Technology Centre to be used as a place of education, specifically to encourage local families to grow their own vegetables, herbs and flowers in an environmentally friendly manner.  From the beginning, all of the garden plants were gifted or acquired by generous donations from the community and the garden was planted and tended by local volunteers.  It is believed to be "the first organic community garden” in Western Australia.

Our Garden
Our Garden Gallery

Today, The Organic Garden continues to thrive.  It has matured into a beautiful if somewhat rambling oasis in the heart of the town.  The object of the garden is not to be a showcase but rather a space where adults and children are encouraged to meditate, sing, paint or rest and listen to the birdsong.   It is a beautiful venue for those who use it.   The Margaret River Senior High School uses it for photography, film making and drama.   Margaret River Education Campus often uses the garden for their projects for students in their Art and Photography classes and/or their Horticulture projects.  Children from the local primary schools make school excursions to the garden for active learning.   In the garden, for pre-schoolers there is both ‘Nature Play’ and ‘Garden Play’ groups. The Garden is always open.

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