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Margaret River Library

Our Enterprise

The Margaret River Library outdoor garden was opened in 2013 and it has bloomed into a beautiful space in which to enjoy the fresh air while reading, chatting, or working online.  A water feature created by Ian Dowling with design input from the community has been incorporated with a literary quiz hidden within it. The garden space is used for community functions such as morning teas and workshops such as a recent colourful weaving workshop. 

Our Garden
Our Garden Gallery

Our garden is based on biodynamic principles and offers a full range of sensory experiences for the whole community to delight in - fragrant, edible, textural, visually harmonious, seasonal, and diverse.  Our garden is tended and cared for by volunteers and planted according to the seasons. Come along and see what’s growing, we have fresh herbs that you are free to pick and enjoy as picking encourages growth.  We have incorporated classic companion plants such as marigolds and alyssum for natural pest control, plus Australian natives such as Correa species to attract birds who help to keep pests down and increase diversity in the garden.  The garden is open during library hours six days a week (Mon-Sat).

Organic Garden Trail MR 060
Organic Garden Trail MR 052
Organic Garden Trail MR 057
Organic Garden Trail MR 056
Organic Garden Trail MR 055
Organic Garden Trail MR 054
Organic Garden Trail MR 058
Organic Garden Trail MR 053
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