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Margaret River Community Centre

Our Enterprise

The Margaret River Community Centre is a not-for-profit community based organisation located in the Old Hospital complex in Margaret River.  The Centre’s chief concerns are with social justice issues, family and children’s services and with providing an affordable venue for community groups and organisations.  It is used on a regular basis by a wide variety of around 35 different organisations.  It is completely self-supporting from rental of office and communal space, both casual and on-going, and from its community child care centre.  Integral to the Centre’s purpose is the maintenance of the historic group settlement buildings and surrounding grounds and gardens for benefit of the community, and to provide them with a tangible connection to times past in such a rapidly growing town. 

Our Garden

The grounds of the Old Hospital form the surrounds of the Centre, and are linked to the library by the Federation Park garden. They provide a welcoming and much used quiet, green space close to the CBD, and a refuge for small native wildlife such as our resident bandicoots and skinks.  The Centre gardens are an eclectic mixture which give a period setting to the historic group settlement buildings, and landscape plans are gradually being implemented as finances permit.  A small kitchen garden provides fresh herbs and greens for the twice-weekly Soup Kitchen held at the Centre, and gives the children from the child care centre an opportunity to have first-hand experience of organic food growing as a part of their sustainability focus.  Organic processes are used for all gardens at the Centre, and waste from the childcare centre and the soup kitchen are composted in our compost bins or small worm farm.

Our Garden Gallery
Organic Garden Trail MR 063
Organic Garden Trail MR 065
Organic Garden Trail MR 068
Organic Garden Trail MR 070
Organic Garden Trail MR 069
Organic Garden Trail MR 064
Organic Garden Trail MR 066
Organic Garden Trail MR 072
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