Little Hill Farm,  Bridgetown

Our Enterprise

Two guys from Perth, Antonio Sita and Adam Roebuck, purchased a tired old farm in 2014, located in the hills of Bridgetown overlooking the mighty Blackwood River and valley.  In the short time they have been there, they have been repurposing the farm and reviving the gardens and orchards to create a sustainable and profitable agri-business and tourism destination, where they can live a rural lifestyle and share it with others.  In doing so, they have developed six main garden and produce areas.  Their vision is to create a destination which is both enchanting and entertaining for visitors to the farm and for their accommodation guests.  A place where people can rest, relax and enjoy their surroundings whilst also having the opportunity to taste some wonderful farm produce.  The avenue and lower garden is a tree lined walk which connects their studio accommodation to areas for sitting, walking and quiet relaxation as guests take in the panoramic views of the valley and farm.  At various times during the year they hold open garden days, food appreciation sessions, cooking classes and events.  At all other times, the farm is only open by appointment.

Our Garden

Their front terrace gardens are a mixture of vegetables, fruit and nut trees, vines and berries as well as several flowering plants.  It is where Antonio and Adam practice permaculture and organic gardening techniques aimed at promoting good plant health, biodiversity, companion planting and sustainability.  Their kitchen gardens are a vital component of the farm.  They consist of numerous large raised beds as well as some flat open areas which are used for growing larger food crops.   Besides feeding their obvious food passion these are also the life blood of the farm, producing food for the animals, mulch and compost for the soil and the occasional homeopathic remedy for human and plant health.  The top shed houses the main propagation area and a green house.  It is also the main source of their rainwater harvesting endeavours - used to water the gardens during the long hot summers.

Our Point of Difference

For a bit of fun - The bell tower.  In 2010 a group of Bridgetown locals commenced a campaign to adopt the ringing of bells throughout the town.  Little Hill Farm is the holder and location of the original bell which began this Bridgetown tradition.  The purpose of the bells is to spread peace and goodwill to all those who hear their sound.  Today there are some 60 bells across the town.  So when you are in the Bridgetown, why not stop momentarily at noon and 6.00 PM and listen for the bells calling out to each other - certain to bring a smile to your face.

Our Garden Gallery
LHF Livingston 16 16 Aug 2015
LHF Mango 1 10 March 2016 c
LHF Rear Terrace Flax In Bloom b
LHF Pumpkin Harvest b
LHF Paddock Art 2 16 Aug 2015 b
LHF French Green Beans 4 19 Feb 2016 b
LHF Rockmelons b
LHF Cherry Tart 1 4 Dec 2015 c
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