Forestview Farmstay B&B, Bridgetown

Our Enterprise

Forestview Farmstay is a rammed earth constructed Bed and Breakfast, created in 1997 when Anita and Attilio Iuretigh decided they had had enough of the city life.  Their move to beautiful Bridgetown was just what they needed.  The property at the time had only a house in the middle of a paddock and they set about creating an organic garden, orchard and olive grove that would make them self-sufficient.

Our Garden

Their farm has enabled them to be self-sufficient in fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs, olives and olive oil.  They have created a small olive grove with 45 Kalamata and Manzanillo olive trees, established a fruit salad orchard, introduced sheep, alpacas, and bees to their property and planted a ¼ acre vegetable patch.  Their garden is very seasonal with November to May being the best time for fresh produce.  It gives people access to tame sheep and alpacas and Anita is always happy to share her information about fruit and vegetable growing, freezing and processing or you can pick your own seasonal fruit and vegetables or learn how to prune the fruit trees.  But don’t ask her how to grow a cauliflower!

Our Point of Difference

Forestview Farmstay is a Bed and Breakfast that is a “Twitchers” delight.  Parrots, rare cockatoos, finches, wrens, honeyeaters, robins, wagtails, fantails and many more delight in this safe environment.  As they visit the property in early morning and late afternoon, staying with Anita and Attilio is the best way for bird-watchers to experience them.  

Our Garden Gallery
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