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Fair Harvest Permaculture Farm

Our Enterprise

Fair Harvest is a beautiful venue set on an established permaculture farm.  The ethics of permaculture are "Care for the Earth”, Care for the People” and “Fair Share”.  These are ethics that founders Jodie Lane and Dorothee Perez work to maintain throughout their gardening practices and business.  Fair Harvest hosts numerous courses and events related to sustainability throughout the year and is also available for hire, becoming a popular venue for people wanting an eco-friendly setting.  In 2014 Jodie was runner up in the West Australian Rural Woman awards for her Eat Local project.  In 2018 Jodie and Dorothee are passionate about the role that local food plays in community well-being and open their farm by appointment to people for tours - paid guided tours are available.  The Fair Harvest Café is open every Friday and Saturday for a locally produced organic lunch.  

Our Garden

The Fair Harvest Gardens were started in 1995 and have always been firmly based in Permaculture and Organics.  The large food gardens include vegetable gardens, deciduous and evergreen orchards, composting and poultry systems.  Smaller demonstration systems include aquaponics, wicking beds and compost generated hot water.  The Fair Harvest gardens were created on cleared farmland and one of the priorities was to establish wind breaks, these trees now protect the gardens and have created beautiful pockets for other uses such as a communal fire pit and cob pizza oven, a ceremonial area for weddings and campsite for visitors.  The farm also has beehives, cattle, an olive grove, a timber plantation and large areas of bush regeneration.  Guided tours are available by booking and every Thursday visitors are welcome to walk around the gardens using the self-guided tour map.

Our Point of Difference

Anaerobic bacteria provide our farm workers with nice hot showers - any time day or night!  We use around six cubic metres of compost, tamped down tightly, to create a large anaerobic compost heap, with layered coils of poly pipe between the compost layers.  It's the perfect heat source for our effective working outdoor shower.  It makes use of natural resources then later provides sustenance for living plants by feeding and watering them, while keeping the humans who tend them squeaky clean.

Our Garden Gallery 
Organic Garden Trail MR 075
Organic Garden Trail MR 077
Organic Garden Trail MR 076
Organic Garden Trail MR 078
Organic Garden Trail MR 080
Organic Garden Trail MR 079
Organic Garden Trail MR 082
Organic Garden Trail MR 081
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