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Cullen Wines

Our Enterprise

Cullen Wines was established in 1971 by Dr Kevin and Diana Cullen, whom from the very beginning had a deep respect for the environment and the land on which they planted their vines.  In 1998 they converted to organic farming, and in 2004, under the care of daughter Vanya Cullen, the Estate was converted to be fully certified biodynamic.  As a result, Cullen produce award winning wines that ‘bring the land to the glass’ and speak to the terroir of the beautiful region they come from.  These biodynamic wines are renowned throughout Australia and the world as being of the highest quality and consistently receive coveted awards and ratings.  The Winery features a popular restaurant that overlooks the beautiful vines and utilises fresh produce from their own biodynamic garden, attracting visitors from all over the world, whom Cullen continue to communicate with to promote WA wines and the principles of biodynamics.  Along with being carbon neutral, water self-sufficient and solar powered, Cullen Wines have proven that it’s possible to cultivate exceptional wines as ecologically responsible as they are distinctive and elegant.  

Our Garden

In response to the level of interest in biodynamics from visitors to Cullen winery the Self-Guided Spiral Garden Biodynamic Tour was installed in 2003.  As the name suggests, the intention is for people to be able to stroll through the garden at their leisure and follow the fascinating biodynamic process that is employed throughout the winery and the gardens at Cullen.  Visitors can touch, feel and read about the actions and the concepts for themselves, from the development of Steiner’s preparations, to the flow-form series of vortexes.  They can actually experience the produce that the chef uses in preparing his dishes for the restaurant, and understand the meticulous care that goes into caring for the vines and the land.  Visiting the Spiral Garden is free, and for those interested, a guided tour can be arranged for a fee.

Our Garden Gallery
Organic Garden Trail MR 019
Organic Garden Trail MR 017
Organic Garden Trail MR 016
Organic Garden Trail MR 015
Organic Garden Trail MR 020
Organic Garden Trail MR 022
Organic Garden Trail MR 023
Organic Garden Trail MR 024
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